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About Romania

Location: South-east Europe, in the north of Balkan Peninsula. Geographic coordinates: 45° N, 25° E

Acces: Hungary (north-west), Ukraine (north and east), Republic of Moldova (east), Black Sea (south-east), Bulgaria (south), Serbia (south-west)

Total area: 238.391 km2

The length of frontiers: 3,149.9 km, of which 1085.5 land frontiers and 2064.4 km river and maritime

Population: 19.310.216 (2017)

Capital: București, 1.883.400 inhabitants (2017)

Form of government: Republic

Official time: Eastern European Time (GMT + 2). From the last Sunday of March (31) to last Sunday of October (27) is Romanian Summer Time (GMT + 3)

Legal holidays: The first and the second day of January; January 24; April 28 and 29 (the first and the second day of Easter); May 1; June 1; June 16 and 17 (the first and the second day of Pentecost);

Climate: Continental

Landforms: Romania presents a varied and proportionally balanced relief which includes: 35% mountains (Carpathians), 35% hills and plateaus (sub-Carpathians hills and plateau of Transylvania) and 30% plains (Romanian Plain (Campia Romana) and West Plain (campia de Vest).

Measurement units: Metric system

Emergency call: ✆ 112

Currency: 1 leu (abbreviation: RON) = 100 bani.

Flag: Three equal bands, vertical, in red, yellow and blue, with the blue band near the stick.

National day: December 1

Credit cards: Major hotel and restaurants chains accept credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Dinner Club.

Driving: U.S. / Canadian / Australian / New Zealand and all European Driver licenses are valid for driving in Romania for 90 days from the date of entry into Romania. Driving is on the right side. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory. Use of mobile phones while driving is against the law.  Drivers must yield to pedestrians at all marked pedestrian crosswalks. A driving license or an international driving permit, vehicle identification documents and green card are required for all drivers. Driving licenses issued in other languages than English, French, German and the Nordic languages require a translation into one of these languages attached to the license. If the domestic driving license does not bear a photo, photo identification is required in addition to the driving license.

Electricity is supplied in Romania at  230 V; 50 cycles and sockets take the standard continental European dual round-pronged plugs. A plug adaptor is required for non-European appliances. Please remember that simple adapters do not convert voltage or frequency. A power converter is necessary for appliances requiring 110 V.

Events during the Presidency

The events agenda is available in the sections Political Events and Cultural Events.