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1 February 2023
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The participation of Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Meleșcanu in the BSEC-EU high level conference

Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Meleșcanu has participated in the opening of the BSEC-EU high level conference, held on 18 June 2019 in Brussels under the aegis of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council and the Bulgarian Chairmanship-in-office of the BSEC, with the support of the European Commission.

In his speech, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Meleșcanu declared the ongoing and firm commitment of Romania to stimulate regional cooperation around the Black Sea in the pursuit of enhancing the strategic profile of Romania, consistent with an ambitious agenda designed to flesh out the development of cooperation with the states in this area and thereby to contribute meaningfully to securing regional stability and prosperity. In this context he mentioned the role of the BSEC as a representative structure for the inter-governmental economic cooperation around the Black Sea, which also provides a true dialogue promotion platform, an essential aspect for enhancing mutual trust and cooperation.

The Romanian official restated the importance that Romania assigns to the consolidation of BSEC-EU cooperation in a pragmatic and flexible manner that would help use the opportunities offered by policies, initiatives and programmes initiated by the EU for the sustainable development of the Black Sea region, as well as the practical development of the BSCE-EU objective of implementing regional sectorial projects of common interest. In this respect, Minister Teodor Meleșcanu mentioned the practical aspect secured by European financial instruments that are already accessible for the Black Sea area.

Additionally, Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodor Meleșcanu emphasised that the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council has had notable success in promoting regional cooperation in the Black Sea region, with EU support, and mentioned the adoption of the Black Sea Research and Innovation Strategic Agenda (Bucharest, 8 May 2019) and the adoption of the Black Sea Common Maritime Agenda (Bucharest, 21 May 2019), two documents that set actual priorities of future cooperation in maritime economy and that provide the basis for the pragmatic and willing participation of states in the region in areas of common interest. Moreover, the Romanian head of diplomacy highlighted the results of the first Black Sea Investment Forum (Constanța, 22 May 2019) as a first step towards the implementation of the two Agendas in the priority areas of the maritime economy; the development of intelligent eco-friendly seaports, intelligent connectivity, environment, development of technologies for the sustainable extraction and use of liquefied natural gas, biofuels and gas hydrides.

The high-level meeting was one of the events supporting the objective of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council to promote cooperation in the Black Sea region, with the active involvement of the EU, and offered the opportunity to asses the current progress of the BSEC-EU cooperation and to identify ways and means to promote this interaction on an economic level, given the current strategic relevance of the Black Sea Region.

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