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The Symposium on Cancer Control: Primary Prevention and Screening, Reporting and Monitoring, key elements of the National Plan for Cancer Control

Today, June 4, 2019, the Health Ministry organized the Symposium on Cancer Control: Primary Prevention and Screening, Reporting and Monitoring, key elements of the National Plan for Cancer Control.
The event took place at the National Library in the context of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and was chaired by Romanian Health Minister Sorina Pintea. The debate was attended by experts in the field of combating and controlling cancer in the EU Member States.

During the event, were presented and debated topics such as European policies and actions to combat and control cancer; the progress in combating and controlling cancer at the level;  the presentation of Romania’s participation in European actions;  presenting national policies and programs in the field of cancer prevention and control;  reflections on the creation of a European cancer prevention alliance.
In the last four decades significant progress has been made in understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. The burden of neoplastic disease posses great challenges for patients, their families, health professionals and society as a whole.

Currently, both areas, both cancer prevention and control, as well as the care for patients diagnosed with cancer require equal attention.  This leads to the need to prioritize funding needs, investment and rapid policy-making.

“Through this event we mark the end of the European Week for Combating Cancer, event organized in cooperation with the European Commission under the aegis of the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union.  The Ministry of Health pays special attention to combating and controlling cancer, which is the second cause of morbidity and death in Romania. The National Cancer Fighting and Control Plan was launched in Romania in 2016, without any measures being implemented due to the lack of a dedicated budget.  It is my conviction that only together – authorities, specialists, civil society – we will be able to make progress in this field, “Health Minister Sorina Pintea declared at the beginning of the meeting.
The Romanian official also stressed that, working in close collaboration at European Union level, the potential and opportunities still untapped to develop innovative approaches can be mobilized to accelerate the implementation of all progress so far in the fight against cancer.

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