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29 June 2022
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Conference on “How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans?”

Having in view the priority set by the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council on the Western Balkan Region and the Enlargement Policy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is organizing the conference “How to better respond to European aspirations of the young generation in the Western Balkans?” in Bucharest, on 28-29 May 2019.

The event, held with the support of the European Commission and Norway, through the EEA and Norwegian grants, is organized in cooperation with regional partners such as the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) and promotes a positive agenda for youth in the Balkans as an investment in the future and a concrete contribution to the European integration of the region.

The conference will be attended by young people from the Western Balkans and the European Union, Romanian and foreign officials, representatives of European institutions, international and regional organizations, representatives of the IT industry and start-ups, as well as of the academic environment.

The event aims to encourage young people from the Western Balkans to build a future in their countries, with a view to their European integration. It also intends to help identify solutions to increase the socio-economic inclusion of young people in the region and facilitate the establishment of a sustainable dialogue among youth in the EU and the Western Balkans, fostering mutual understanding and a broader attachment to the European values.

The conference will also be an opportunity for Romania to share with its partners in the region its own experience of promoting, stimulating the youth employment policies and to present examples of good practices and “success stories” in various fields of excellence such as digitization, entrepreneurship and innovation.

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