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5 December 2022
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The Romanian cultural project “Emotional Europe” in Brussels

The Romanian Presidency of the EU Council brings to Brussels the Romanian project Emotional Europe, developed by choreographer Cosmin Manolescu. The project includes several events taking place in Brussels, in a partnership organized with the Romanian Cultural Institute Brussels and BOZAR as part of the Next Generation, Please! Program.

Young artists from Bucharest, Bruxelles and Antwerp, dancers Gilles Noël, Steffi Mennen, Sergiu Dita, visual artists Ioana Stoica and Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis, as well as Marta Popovici, jazz musician, are participating. Emotional Europe aims to observe the way of life, the interests and the standpoints of the new generation, to reflect on the experiences that propose a departure from the comfort zone and the new trends in contemporary art, exploring the concept of a performative body and contextualizing the role of young people in today’s Europe. “Do you like to dance? Do you think dance can make us better? Do you really feel free? What is freedom? What does it mean to be emotional nowadays? What does it mean to be a European citizen? Do you believe in the future of Europe? ” are questions that the project raises to the audience.

On May 9th, on the occasion of Europe Day, events from the project were presented by BOZAR, including a series of performative moments – My Name Is Europe and My Body Is The Stage, presented at the official opening of the Next Generation, Please! exhibition.

Also, on May 10, choreographer Cosmin Manolescu participated in a roundtable on the international artistic collaboration organized by BOZAR, the artists performing at the Emotional Europe exhibition stand at the Next Generation, Please! interactive exhibition.

The exhibition is open to the general public from 9 May to 28 July, with two films by Doina Domenica Cojocaru Thanasiadis – Collective Responsibility and The Body is the Stage, as well as photographs and works of the artistic team Emotional Europe.

Emotional Europe is a cultural project co-produced by the Gabriela Tudor Foundation, BOZAR and the Romanian Cultural Institute in Brussels, with the support of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union as part of the cultural program of the Romanian Presidency at the Council of the European Union. Cultural program is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration.

Regarding this event, Romania’s Ambassador to Brussels EU, Luminița Odobescu, said: “The artistic expression has a multitude of forms. I admire the generosity and creativity of Romanian artists, who express themselves through such diverse, vivid, dynamic, interactive means, which they integrate in the most beautiful ways. This comes to reinforce the idea of ​​cohesion promoted by the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU. A cohesion of ideas, talent, artistic creativity. ”

More information about the Next Generation, Please! exhibition available here: https://www.bozar.be/en/activities/154030-next-generation-please

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