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5 February 2023
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Secretary of State for European Affairs Melania-Gabriela Ciot attends the EU-China debate – Brussels

As Special Representative of the Romanian Government in Relation to the European Parliament for the duration of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, Secretary of State for European Affairs Melania-Gabriela Ciot has attended the plenary debate on the relations between the European Union and China, held yesterday, 3 April 2019, in Brussels.

The Romanian official delivered a speech for the opening of the debate on future actions needed to re-establish balance in the EU-China relations.

In this context, the Secretary of State underscored that the core of the relationship should be based on reciprocity in all domains, for the benefit of common economic interests. “China is a strategically important market for goods and services, but also for investment,” as it is the second largest commercial partner of the EU.

Moreover, the Secretary of State mentioned that China is an indispensable partner for finding solutions to global challenges.

The Romanian official underscored the enormous opportunities brought by China, but also the challenge of its economic model for the EU. In this respect, China must take its responsibility as a member of the World Trade Organisation. The Secretary of State pointed out that the EU-China Summit of 9 April should be an opportunity for the EU to set out its priorities, especially for trade and investment, human rights, global challenges and foreign policy.

The Secretary of State concluded by underscoring the need for reciprocity and balance in the EU-China relationship, which can be achieved by using the instruments that are available to the European Union, through the World Trade Organisation and the new Comprehensive Investment Agreement which is currently being negotiated between the EU and China.

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