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5 February 2023
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RO2019EU: Working together, for the EU citizens

Subtitles available: english, romanian, french

Halfway through our Presidency of the Council of the EU, we look back at some of the files we’ve helped close. Some of the experts who made this possible took time out of their busy schedules to talk about the projects they’re proudest of and how these help European citizens.

Out of the 87 files closed as of 27 March, we have selected a few projects to highlight. The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU managed to promote new rules which ensure less CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, the Digital Europe Programme, new social rights for workers, more information for consumers from banks, improved security of ID cards, among others.

By promoting cohesion as a common European value and focusing on cultural exchanges through the events we organise, this Presidency highlights the need for unity in diversity in the construction of the future of Europe. Check out the infographic at the end of our video to find out about the other files we have closed during these 3 months or simply access the infographic directly here.


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