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17 July 2019
Culture News

Participation of the Minister of Culture at the High-Level Conference – Better informed citizens in the Digital Age – Brussels

The Minister of Culture and National Identity, Valer-Daniel Breaz, opened the high-level conference Better informed citizens in the Digital Age, taking place on  19 March in Brussels, together with Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society.
As rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Romania made therefore a contribution to the debate on the measures taken by the national authorities and European institutions, with a view to supporting quality journalism and media literacy.

The conference, attended by commissioners and MEPs, represented one of the most significant events organised in Brussels during the Media Literacy Week.
“In the digital era, a well-informed citizen is the only one who can properly take a stand and bring added value. The Romanian Presidency places a great importance on the fight against the spread of desinformation, both in the legislative dossiers for which we already have a political agreement and the Council Conclusions that will include political recommendations for future actions in the field”, stated the Minister of Culture and National Identity, Valer-Daniel Breaz.

The Minister placed an emphasis on the importance of the Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive, which will help creating a sustainable future for the European media and will ensure that the European citizens have access to reliable news and information. At the same time,  the set of Council Conclusions Young Creative Generations will aim at forming and strengthening media competences for youth, who are at the same time users and content creators, in order to develop their creativity, critical thinking and their ability to filter information.
The Romanian official also pointed out that “European citizens need to make informed choices with regard to the media content they consume, create and promote, especially now, on the eve of European elections”.

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