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19 October 2021
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Participation of Minister for European Affairs George Ciamba in the informal meeting of EU ministers for diaspora policies

Today, March 18, 2019, Minister for European Affairs George Ciamba delivered a speech opening an informal meeting of EU ministers for diaspora policies, an event organised by the Ministry for Romanians Abroad.

George Ciamba welcomed the organisation of the event, noting that free movement of citizens is a fundamental principle enshrined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU. The subject of the meeting is important and timely not just from a European perspective, but also from a global one, the minister stated.  In the context of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the minister for European affairs referred to the principle of cohesion and emphasised the first pillar of the Presidency’s programme, Europe of convergence: growth, cohesion, competitiveness, connectivity.

“Cohesion is the key principle that can restore the Union’s connection with its citizens, rebuilding their trust in the EU project. That is why promoting values included in treaties, such as cohesion, equality, freedom, democracy, human dignity and solidarity can help provide real support for advancing this project,” said George Ciamba.

The minister for European affairs said that safeguarding the rights and interests of all citizens, irrespective of where they choose to live, study, work, innovate or accomplish their cultural heritage, must be a priority for the governments of the Member States.

George Ciamba reminded that the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council managed to reach a preliminary agreement with the European Parliament on the creation of the European Labour Authority, an institution that is to assist Member States in enforcing EU legal acts in the field of labour mobility across the EU, as well as in coordinating social security.

At the same time, the Romanian official highlighted the importance of educational mobility, since education is a key sector for the future of Europe, from the individual perspective of its citizens, who should enjoy the opportunity to study in any EU member state.

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