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3 October 2022
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Deputy Prime Minister Vasile-Daniel Suciu: “Romania’s agenda for the Presidency of the European Union Council has put in the limelight the citizens and their needs”

Deputy Prime Minister Vasile-Daniel Suciu, Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, in his role of co-organiser, has opened the proceedings of the second day of the European Summit of Regions and Cities, which was held at the Palace o Parliament in Bucharest, on 14 – 15 March, under the aegis of the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council.

The event is organised by a partnership comprising the European Committee of the Regions, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Romanian Municipalities Association and brings together national, local and regional leaders from all over Europe to discuss the future of the European Union and about ways of involving citizens more effectively in the European Project through their local and regional authorities.

In his speech, Deputy Prime Minister Vasile-Daniel Suciu reiterated the necessity to develop democratic participation channels by enhancing citizen participation in the decision-making process.

“The European structure is centred around the 500 million inhabitants of the Member States, and Romania’s agenda for the Presidency of the European Union Council has put in the limelight the citizen and his needs. To consolidate the European project it is important to go back to the basics, because we have responsibly and deliberately undertaken a construction based upon the cohesion of the Member States, regions and citizens,” Vasile-Daniel Suciu declared.

Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister underscored that the challenges and the needs of local public administration are an essential reference point in defining the priorities of the Romanian Government: “In all the public measures and policies that it started and promoted, the Romanian Government acknowledges the importance and the role of the local tier as a driver of development both at national and at European Union level, a European Union that places cohesion, cooperation and economic growth at the centre of its values, in permanent partnership with cities, regions, towns and villages.”

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