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20 August 2019
General Affairs News

Participation of Minister Delegate for European Affairs, George Ciamba, in the ministerial meeting concerning Brexit issues

On February 26, 2019, the Minister Delegate for European Affairs, George Ciamba, attended the ministerial meeting concerning Brexit issues; the meeting, held at the MoFA headquarters, brought together secretary of state level and technical level representatives of line ministries and of specialised institutions.

The talks focused on the stage of internal preparations for the scenario of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom without an agreement. The minister delegate underlined the need to intensify internal preparation efforts and highlighted the responsibility of national authorities to launch the necessary measures for the efficient management of the consequences of Brexit.

The talks addressed, in particular, issues related to protecting the rights of the British citizens in Romania in the event of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom without an agreement.

Minister Delegate George Ciamba reiterated the commitment undertaken by the Romanian government to ensure, to a large extent, ongoing rights for British citizens who will have exercised their right of free movement in Romania until the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, with due observance of the principle of reciprocity. Observing this commitment requires legislative changes in fields such as the right of residence, the right to work, coordination of social security systems, access to education and health services. Moreover, he stated that Romania would continue to pursue protection of the rights of all Romanian citizens in the United Kingdom, irrespective of the outcome of the Brexit process.

The representatives of institutions and line ministries stated that they were already working on implementing contingency plans and underlined their firm commitment to appropriately inform all stakeholders impacted by this process.

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