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31 March 2023
Cohesion Policy News

Minister Rovana Plumb in Madrid: The Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union relies on the flowing programming process of European funds and improved flexibility

Minister of European Funds, Ms. Rovana Plumb, had a bilateral meeting with the Spanish Minister of Finance, Ms. Maria Jesus Montero Cuadrado. The two officials have expressed their intent to enhance their cooperation at a political level, taking into account both the common interests of the two countries and the political agenda of the Union.

Ms. Plumb presented the outlook and priorities of the Romanian Presidency to the Council of the European Union regarding the Cohesion Policy. In this regard, she highlighted that the objective of PRES RO is to continue the dynamic negotiations  with the aim to initiating the trialogue with the European Parliament.

The Romanian minister highlighted that a major concern for PRES RO is to avoid delays caused by a possible late agreement at European level. That is why she stressed that timely adoption of draft regulations will ensure a flowing of the programming of future European funds, but also an improved flexibility. At the meeting held in Madrid, the two ministers agreed that both Spain and Romania have the common objective of providing premises for a more flexible cohesion policy and therefore more capable of responding to the specific development needs, but also to the regional diversity of the Union. From this point of view, she has shown the importance of supporting the funding from the Regional Development Fund of some sectors that ensure the sustainable development of the Union, such as tourism or European cultural heritage.

The Romanian Minister of European Funds has initiated a series of bilateral meetings with ministers from the EU Member States in order to support the consolidation of the Cohesion Policy, which are managing the funds that EU member countries need to support competitiveness and to recover the gaps development at regional level.

Today, Minister Rovana Plumb has scheduled a meeting in Rome with the Minister for the Regions of Southern Italy, Ms. Barbara Lezzi.


What is Cohesion Policy?

Cohesion Policy is a financing instrument that ensures solidarity between Member States and European regions as a founding principle of european integration. It consists of 3 funds, divided as follows:

  •  European Regional Development Fund (ERDF);
  •  the European Social Fund (ESF);
  •  The Cohesion Fund (FC).

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