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3 December 2022
Agriculture and fisheries News Presidency Preparations

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea at the AGRIFISH Council meeting

On December 17-19, 2018 Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Petre Daea participated in the meeting of the European Union’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council and in the informal ministerial meeting regarding the control and eradication of African Swine Fever in the European Union, which took place in Brussels.

On the margins of the Council, Commissioner Phil Hogan handed the Minister of Agriculture Petre Daea in person the certificates of registration in the Register of Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications for “Smoked Danube Shad” and “Însurăței” wine. The works of the Council included themes referring to the reform package for the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy, namely the Regulation regarding CAP Strategic Plans, Regulation on financing, managing and monitoring the CAP, Regulation regarding a common organisation of the agricultural products markets (CMO).

Also on the margins of the EU Council meeting, Minister Petre Daea had bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Estonia and Hungary in order to discuss issues regarding the future Common Agricultural Policy for 2020-2027.

The speech of Minister Petre Daea in the conclusion of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH)

Dear Elisabeth,

Dear Phil,

Dear colleagues,

It is an important moment now, at the end of one year and the beginning of another, when our colleague Elisabeth handed over her workload concluding an important mission, for which she should be congratulated, and I would like to thank her in person for transferring her achievements during the Presidency, and also to assure her and all of you of the fact that I will continue what needs to be continued and I will finalise what needs to be finalised, in the spirit of the provisions of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

I should think this is the right moment to thank and congratulate the commissioners who, in their specific line of work and with their direct responsibility, cleared the path towards achievement, as they rigorously and thoroughly observed the procedures during the drafting and decision-making process, where collaboration was the bond for success.

Driven by our common interest and supported by our collaboration, we covered an entire working period.

I know, we are aware, we understand that the following mandate is marked by multiple events. European elections will take place during the Romanian Presidency and the co-legislative process will have its specificity, whose limitations must be acknowledged and the available time must be used in order to generate progress. In order to reach this progress, we have three instruments at our disposal:

  • The capacity to negotiate,
  • The wish to accomplish more, together,
  • And a good organisation.

Please rely on all of these, just as we will spare no efforts to handle each of them.

Today we are taking over the stage of achievement, but also a mission in progress. We are aware of everything that has been achieved jointly, we also know what remains to be done, relying on the principle of solidarity and cohesion. Romania, as represented by the interests and hard work of the person addressing you right now, commits to work in the interest of everyone and the support of each one.

In January, we will present our priorities and our specific action plan, and we will conclude in June. Both then and now, Romania is and will be for Europe, and I will be for each and every one of you, as President of the Council. Success belongs to each and every one of us, and I will make it formal.

In the hope of making many good decisions, allow me to wish the best of luck to our shared mission, and for you and the farmers in your countries, who benefit from our policies, I wish them health and success. Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to welcoming you to Romania!

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