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5 February 2023
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Romania: The land of authentic, welcoming nature and exciting culture

Romania’s natural features are unique in Europe, our country enjoys the embrace of the Carpathians, with their areas of true wilderness, and the ever-fresh beauty of the Danube Delta, as well as extensive plains scattered with little natural and cultural treasures. People enrich this natural treasure with unchanged traditions and a warm and generous personality.

Our cultural sites, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, give evidence to a unique history, with a heritage of Latin origin mixed with other great cultures of the continent. The stories of these places will surely fascinate you, and the deep spirituality of Romanians will impress you too.

Walk with us on the paths of the Carpathian Mountains and enjoy the natural parks, which will rouse you to adventure and activity- all the more so as Romania is one of the most remarkable countries in Europe in this respect. The Danube Delta is a delightful, Moldavia and Bukovina’s monasteries comfort your eyes and calm your soul. Maramures overwhelms you with its magnificent locations, traditions and people. Banat and Oltenia’s caves and rapids flush you with adrenaline, while the fortified churches and strongholds in Transylvania take you back to the Middle Ages giving you pleasurable chills down your spine, and exceeding your imagination, even if you’ve read huge volumes of their history. Stop and pay attention to traditions and popular fairs, spa resorts, cultural heritage from the great cities and historical areas.

You can find more about Romania on http://www.romania.travel/en

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